Identify Suburbs Showing Signs of Growth

The first step in selecting a location to build a brand new investment property is to identify a suburb that is showing signs of Growth. It’s important that we can identify actual real signs of growth rather than speculating as this reduces the risk.

The only way to do this is to know the Brisbane Property Market and get out there to see for yourself what is going on.

Brisbane Buyers Agent Guide Investing in Brisbane

Location Identified Victoria Point

Research and Physical Inspection showed that Victoria Point was showing signs of growth. There are 16 estates slightly inland with most being sold out. may people in Brisbane are choosing to live close to the water rather than close to the CBD.


  • Median 4 Bedroom House Price - $530,000.00

Source Unique Land

Rather than source a block of land in one of the estates where competition for both tenants and when the time comes Buyers will be high, we look for boutique estates or infill blocks of land.


  • Land Sale Price - $289,000.00
successful property investing locate land
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Neighbouring Properties

It’s very important to source land that is located in close proximity to more expensive properties as their average price will increase the value of the property we are creating. In this case, the house to the left was valued at over $885,000 and the house to the right, $850,000.


  • Property Left - $885,000
  • Property Right - $830,000

House Design

The house design is very important, it must blend in with the houses in the street. It must appeal to a wide range of tenants and when the time comes it must also appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. 

4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms dual living areas with double lockup garage is the standard format. Air conditioning in the master bedroom and main living area with ceiling fans in all other rooms. 


  • House & Land Package Price - $495,000
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Costs & Returns on Investment

It is very important to produce a property under the median house price for the suburb and then well under the median house price for the street whilst producing a very high-quality build. 

The return is very important as well, there is no point investing money if it is not going to give you a strong return on investment. 


  • Rental Estate range $480 - $510 per week
  • Return on Investment 5.00%

Build It

The final stages are to build the property as fast as possible to the highest standard.

For this reason, we use one builder who not only consistently produces the highest quality homes, we never have callbacks after the property is completed and they offer a 6-year warranty.  


  • Build time 12 to 16 weeks
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Rent It

Getting the property rented out as fast as possible is important. Its an investment property designed to pay for itself but that only works if the property is rented out as soon as possible after completion. 

Investate work with a small number of property managers who each specialise in their own region of Brisbane. 

One month before completion we are starting to advertise the property and as the property gets closer to final hand over we are providing the property managers with more information and images as well as full 3d virtual tours. 


  • Actual Rent Achieved - $490 per week
  • Cash Flow Positive
  • Tenants have just signed another 12 months


In addition to the property managers now taking care of the property, we continue to act on your behalf and monitor the property ourselves. 

Even though you purchased the property and you own it, we still consider all these homes ours and we are proud of every one of them 

For that reason if you need anything you can always call us here and we will take care of it for you. 


  • Estimated Value $580,000.00

source corelogic Feb 2019

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Would'nt You Rather

Wouldn’t you rather have a unique investment property like this, nestled in between 2 very expensive house in an established street in an established suburb? 


  • Bedroom Homes for rent in Victoria Point = 15
  • 4 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Pimpama = 73

source Feb 2019

Or Would You Rather

Or would you rather have an investment property in a location like Pimpama where there are hundreds of homes being built, that is being sold to you based on the commissions an agent will receive rather than the financial outcome you will receive.


  • 4 Bedroom Homes for Rent in Pimpama = 85
  • 4 Bedroom Homes for Sale in Pimpama = 275

source Feb 2019

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The property and the numbers in this actual case study are true and correct. Pricing and statistical information have been derived from and CoreLogic which are publicly available sources of property information.

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