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When you need a Brisbane Buyers Agent who is on the ground and can represent you in every aspect of the property transaction, know the Brisbane property market intimately and manage any issues that may come up, call Investate, probably the most cost effective and experienced buyers agents in Brisbane.

We put you first, we provide more resources and we find the best properties in locations that are going to grow in value.

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Highly Experience Highly Qualified

With over 17 years covering many areas of property, finance and investment, we are one of the most experienced and qualified buyers agents in Brisbane. We hold formal qualifications in Property Finance, Financial Planning and Real Estate. Not many other Buyers Agents will come close to us.

Off Market Transactions

As well regarded Buyers Agents in Brisbane we receive a high number of properties that are about to come on to the market. Known as “Off Market Transactions” you can save a lot of time and money buy accessing this feature of ours.

No Upfront Fees & the Lowest Fee Structure

Adding high fees onto a property simply reduces the returns. Investates fee structure is the lowest in Australia yet we deliver the highest level of service and the best performing properties.

Virtual Property Inspections

As Buyers Agents Brisbane we go to great lengths to show you more of the property than any other buyers agents. All property inspections are recorded in full 3d allowing you to walk through the home just like we did and see the property for yourself.

Brisbane Property Market Knowledge

You need a Buyers Agent in Brisbane who know’s the region and know’s the suburbs that are going to peak, not that ones that are peaking right now that the media tells you about.

This is where you can save tens of thousands of dollars and make them too.

Advice & Support You Can Count On

We know the Brisbane property market – we live and breathe it on a daily basis. When you need the right advice, you’ll know it’s coming from true professionals working on the ground with inside knowledge and access the best areas in Brisbane and the best properties.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We are that confident we will find you the right property that we do not charge any upfront fees. Fees are only payable once the property is in your name and you are 100% satisfied.

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You have a Property Investment Vision!

As Brisbane Buyers Agents we are responsible for ensuring you get the right property no matter where in Australia or the world you are. We provide more resources than any other buyers agent so you can see more, know more and understand more about the region, the suburbs, the people and the properties.

Buyers Agents Brisbane Property Vision
Buyers Agents Brisbane Property Consulting

We are More than the Average Brisbane Buyers Agents

When you work with Investate your working with a group of people who have many years of hands on experience in many areas of the Brisbane Property Market.

We accurately identify future hot spots in Brisbane so your buying at the bottom of the price cycle, not the top where everyone else buys.

Introduction to the Brisbane Property Market

A complimentary service for all customers conducted in person , by phone or via skype,  it’s all about getting to know you and your needs whilst you get to know Brisbane, it’s real estate and Us.

The only way to deliver the right property is to know the clients needs.

Buyers Agents Brisbane Know Your Client
Buyers Agents Brisbane Property Search

Buyers Agents Brisbane Property Search Systems

Our custom search system is unique to Investate and has been based of many years of experience.

From the strategy sessions we determine the right property for you. That information is fed into a our customer search system that goes to work notifying our extensive data base of agents and conducting our own search of over 400 real estate web sites.

We’ll find it and we’ll find it first.

Fully Immersive Virtual Property Tours

Regardless of where you are, we provide high quality virtual tours of all the  properties we inspect so you can see for yourself no matter where you are in the world.

Designed to be viewed on any device, our tours will bring the property to you in vivid detail allowing you to see exactly what it is you’re buying.  

Try it out…

Buyers Agents Brisbane Virtual Tour
Buyers Agents Brisbane Property Reports

In-Depth Reporting

When we have identified a property that we agree on, we go to work conducting in depth analysis of the property to ensure it’s priced correctly and will perform as predicted.

Investate also provides a completely independent risk analysis of the property giving you an outside second opinion.

Clear concise information to help you know more.


We are expert negotiators, our reporting system determines the right price for the property of which a strategy will be developed and implemented.

We are highly successful at securing a property at the agreed amount.

Buyers Agents Brisbane Consultation

Due Dilligence

Independant Building and Pest Inspections will be ordered and attended. Inspectors will contact you direct to give you their own opinion of the property and it’s condition.

Conveyancing and legal requirements will be established as well as property managers.

Investate treats every property as though it were their own.

Your property in Queensland is never alone with Investate.

Management & Support

Investate will make sure your property is looked after well into the future. We will organise a property manager for you, a highly reputable business who will work along side us.

Investate will continue to suport your property well into the future, consider us your local representative in Brisbane.

No matter where you are in Australia or ther World, someone local is looking out for you and your investment.

Buyers Agents Brisbane Property Management
Buyers Agents Brisbane Successful

The End Result is the Perfect Property

By following a well tested system that has consistently yield strong positive results. You will end up with the perfect investment property that both you and Investate will be proud of.


Buyers Agents Brisbane

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4 Months Later

The same sized block of land in a inferior location costs $65,000 more.

Off Market Transaction

This property was purchased for well under it’s potential sale amount. Off Market Transactions can save you a great deal of money.

12 Months later

Land in this area went from $330,000 to $440,000. 

Investate range of services


Brisbane Buyers Agents

Identify, Inspect and Source property based on your requirements and our advice.

Inspection & Reporting

Report and inspection services for remote buyers needing a local representative.

Brisbane Property Consulting

Information session covering property investing and the Brisbane property market.

Property Management

To successfully manage property in Brisbane, we have to do it ourselves or our partners.

Property Development

If building or investing is part of your plan, we’ll help you find Brisbane’s best spots.

Finance and Insurance

The right loan and finance structure with strong consideration to asset protection

No Other Buyers Agent Services will do more to ensure you get the best property in the best location at the right price and continue to look after home for years to come!


Investate Your Local Brisbane Buyers Agents Services

Alistair from Investate treated our investment like it was his own. He understood our needs as overseas buyers, protected our interests and secured a beautiful property beyond our expectations. Even after the transaction was complete he is assisting us with everything required. Highly recommended with no second thoughts!

Kostas Dimitro

Dubai, UAE, Investor


…it’s time to find out why so many Brisbane property buyers turn to Investate.

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Real Reviews from Real Customers

Don’t just take our word for it

Roslyn McCann

Investor, NSW

Buyers Agents Brisbane Testimonial Roslyn
Fantastic service! Investing in QLD while based in NSW was a tough challenge. Alistair made this experience informative and stress free. Not only is he the most competitively priced buyers agent on the market, he took me through each step from start to finish, and still checks in with me after the settlement. Experienced and honest.

Kheong Chee

Investor, Perth

Buyers Agents Brisbane Testimonial
Alistair did an excellent job helping me buy an investment property in Brisbane. Compared to another buyer agent I used, he was much more knowledgeable and thorough. He knows the Brisbane market very well and took very good care of me as a customer. I’d happily recommend his services to other investors.

Kostas Dimitro

Investor, Dubai

Buyers Agents Brisbane Testimonial

Alistair treated our investment like it was his own. He understood our needs as overseas buyers, protected our interests and secured a beautiful property beyond our expectations. Even after the transaction was complete he is assisting us with everything required. Highly recommended with no second thoughts!




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