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When you need the Right Property in the Right Location at the Right Price without the high fees charged by other Brisbane Buyers Agents.

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INVESTATE Brisbanes Leading Property Market Experts.

Our unique Brisbane Property Market Monitoring System coupled with our in-depth hands on working knowledge of the local Brisbane real estate market gives us the ability to accurately predict the next Brisbane Hot Spot ensuring you get the best property money can buy.

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We Will Find You The Perfect Brisbane Investment Property

There is a very specific formula we employ to identify suburbs in Brisbane that are about to increase in value and the propertes within those suburbs that are suitabe for investment.


As close to the CBD as budget allows. Suburb is on the way up the property price cycle who’s median price is lower than that of surrounding suburbs.


Low vacancy rate, strong population growth with a low percentage of rental properties in the suburb and a strong percentage of young familes.


Easy access to actual, not planned, infrastructure including  public transport expecially rail network, schools, medical and shopping. As well as major arterial roads.

Property Type

House only brick and tile construction for reduced maintenance and wear and tear, 3 to 4 bedrooms, on minimum 400 m2 of flat land.


Ceiling fans in all bedrooms, air conditioning to main living area & master bedroom, double lock up garage and a Dishwasher. These are the ideal features.


Below median house price for suburb. In a suburb with lower median house price than neighbouring suburbs. Located in close proxumity to houses of higher value.

By utilising this system we have been able to purchase properties at a lower price to similar properties only a few kilometers away and those properties have received a higher rate of return from the rental income and received significant growth in property value in a very short period of time.

It’s all about knowing the Brisbane market place and what is going on within it that will have an affect on a suburb in the near future. We don’t want a suburb that is popular now and increasing in value. Those suburbs are already on the way up the property price cycle, which means we have to pay a higher amounnt for them and they have a limited amount of growth they can achieve before reaching the top of the cycle.

By using this system we identify the suburbs that are way down the property price cycle that our research has identified as being a popular suburb in the very near future. These are the properties that we purchase for our clients and that is why we have a 100% approval rating.

Finding the Perfect Brisbane Investment Propery

We can help you find any type of property in Brisbane no matter what your budget. With good quality homes, steady growth and strong long term capital growth potential,  Brisbane an affordable Australian capital city to invest in.

No matter what your budget or type of property you are looking for, we can help you find it, from inexpensive homes to development properties to mansions to custom built homes.

Brisbane buyers agents established properties

Established Properties

We specialise in finding the perfect Brisbane Investment Property that will always be rented and grow in value.

Development Properties

Highly rewarding, properties like this one can be split now or in the future to produce significant returns.

Dual Income Properties

Dual income or Dual Key properties dramaticly increase your returns.

House and Land Packages

Land Purchased for $298,000 now worth in excess of $365,000 in less than 4 months.

Brisbane Buyers Agents Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Need to Spend on a Brisbane Investment Property ?

Real Estate in Brisbane is relatively cheap when compared to other Australian Capital cities.

As a Brisbane Buyers Agent I can find good property in good locations from the very low $300,000 range and upwards. The example image is the latest property I have assisted in purchasing at a price of $318,000.

The more you spend the closer to the CBD we get but rest assured you will be getting a very good quality property.

Brisbane Buyers Agents How Much to Spend
Brisbane Buyers Agents Where to Buy

Where to Buy an Investment Property in Brisbane?

Investing in anything has a level of risk associate with it and just like investing in any other product, there are ways to significantly reduce this risk.

Unlike most other Buyers Agents or Buyers Advocates, we hold formal qualifcations in Financial Planning and apply the same risk profiling to property in much the same way a financial planner analizes a share option. We apply this to a suburb and then to a property and create a unique risk profile.

To understand the process we follow and why we are so successful please read this article.

How to find the Perfect Brisbane Investment Property

The majority of our properties  come directly from Real Estate agents notifying us of up and coming lisitings. This type of process is known and an “Off Market Transaction” and is the most cost effective way of purchasing property.

When you engage Investate to act as your Brisbane Buyers Agent we immediately send out a notifaction of your requirements to over 1000 of Queensland’s best real estate agents. 

With this type of property search we are accessing property before it comes to the market which means no competition from the public and quite often significant savings to you on the purchase price.

Brisbane Buyers Agents Finding the Perfect Property
Brisbane Buyers Agents Virtual Tour

How can you see the property ?

Being innovative and concerned our customers could not see as much of the property as we would like. As Brisbane Buyers Agents we have invested in 3D Virtual Tour Technology to bring the property to you.

This is a service unique to Investate.

No matter where you are in Australia or the world we bring the property to you. Viewable on any device this system will show you more of a property than video or images can.

Property Reports

We provide highly detailed property reports including the following items:

3D Virtual Property Tours
Property Valuation
Comparable Sales
Suburb Report
Purchase Costs
Tax Benefits
Risk Assessment
Flood Information and Rating

Brisbane Buyers Agents Property Reports

Brisbane buyers agents property inspections

Making Sure it’s a good Property.

Due Dilligence

We work with a team of independant property professionals, the best in the buisness, who will ensure every aspect of the purchase of your new investment is managed in a highly professional manner.

Everything from local legal representation to building and pest inspection servcices to property management and ongoing maintenance. There is nothing you need to organise, I take care of and oversee every part of the process.

Don’t know Brisbane ?

We Provide Brisbane Property Tours

A great amount of time and resources are devoted to educating you about Brisbane and it’s suburbs. But you are spending a great deal of money and nothing will ever teach you more about the Brisbane property market than seeeing it for yourself. Spend a day with Alistair Kelsall in his car for a complimentary tour of Brisbane.

See the suburbs we are showing you and see the houses and the people.

Brisbane buyers agents property tours


"Alistair treated our investment like it was his own. He understood our needs as overseas buyers, protected our interests and secured a beautiful property beyond our expectations. Even after the transaction was complete he is assisting us with everything required. Highly recommended with no second thoughts!"

Investate Reviews Kostas Icon

Kostas Dimitris

Dubai, UAE

"Fantastic service! Investing in QLD while based in NSW was a tough challenge. Alistair made this experience informative and stress free. Not only is he the most competitively priced buyers agent on the market, he took me through each step from start to finish, and still checks in with me after the settlement. Experienced and honest."

Investate Testimonial Roslyn Icon

Roslyn McCann

Sydney, NSW

"Alistair helped us secure a investment in Brisbane, Alistair listened to our needs and after looking at different locations and investment strategies we secured a great property, Alistair took care of everything. We would recommend Alistair to anyone looking for honest expert advice"

Investate Testimonial Troy Icon

Troy Campbell

Lithgow, New South Wales

What to Expect from your Brisbane Buyers Agent



17 years working in many areas of the Brisbane Property Market makes Alistair Kelsall one of the most qualified and successful Brisbane Buyers Agents.


Local Support

Investate is a team of highly professional people who are here to provide support throughout every part of the Brisbane Property purchase process.



We share our knowledge of the Brisbane property market and introduce you to many suburbs of Brisbane, the properties and the people.


Understand You

We ask as many questions as necessary to determine what you want, what you like, what you dislike so that we can best understand your needs.


Extra Mile

We go out of our way to provide you with extra services. It’s one of our core values, to ensure a customer has the nesacry information to make a desicion.


Ongoing Support

Your property is never alone here in Queensland, we will continue to act on your behalf for anything you need un regards to the property.

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If you are serious about securing Brisbanes best property ?

We will give you as much support, education and time that you need to make an informed desicion based on our recommendations. Pick up the phone and call the Buyers Agent Direct on 0405 131 333 or add your details to the contact form and we will call you back.

Features of Our Business

COMPLIMENTARY Property Consultation

We Provide an obligation free phone consultation so you can gain knowledge of the market and to find out how we can help you.

COMPLIMENTARY Brisbane Property Tour

Nothing will give you more confidence in your Brisbane Investment Property than seeing the market for yourself on a personalised guided tour of the Brisbane Property Market. See the suburbs that match your requirements and see the people that will be your tenants.

Fully Immersive 3D Property Inspections

Unique to our bussiness is our 3D Property Tours, instigated to ensure our clients can see more of a property than videos or images no matter where you are in the world or what type of device you are viewing it on.

Ongoing Customer Support

You and your property will never be left alone here in Queensland, In additon to the support provided by our property management associates, Investate will always be here to provide local support for you and your property.

Guaranteed Results

You will not pay any fees until you are 100% satisfied with the property we have chosen. Offer does not include engagement fees

SAVE up to 40%

Paying high fees for someone to find you a property simply negatates the financial benefit of an investment propery and increases the costs. We have a low flat fee per property with no limits on how many properties we look at.

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